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TYGA Ninja 250R Race Exhaust System Dyno Results

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2008 Ninja 250R Dyno: TYGA Round Aluminum Race Exhaust System vs. Stock Exhaust

I’m a private party and this is my review of the TYGA Round Aluminum Race System. I am not a dealer, nor do I work for TYGA, but I’m a street rider and club racer. I’m reviewing this because I found little to no information regarding this system and I wanted to share my findings with others who found themselves in the same predicament as me (how can I pay less and not sacrifice performance!?!?). I scoured the internet but found no proof this system would give me any performance gains. I knew TYGA was a reputable manufacturer of quality products so I took a leap of faith and boy did it pay off!

Ninja 250R Dyno results are for the following runs:
Black: Stock Exhaust (no modifications whatsoever)
Blue: Stock Exhaust (snorkel removed)
Red: TYGA Round Aluminum Race System (snorkel removed)
Note: Carbs were not jetted. Fuel mixture screws were not adjusted.

TYGA Exhaust Ninja 250R dyno chart

click image for larger view

HP Gains:
1) Remove snorkel (+1.5HP) == 28.1HP!
2) Install TYGA Round Aluminum Race System (+4.2HP) == 32.3HP!
Total: +5.7HP (+4.2HP from TYGA exhaust!)

Weight Comparison (lbs):
Stock | Header: 4.1 | Can: 10.5**| Total: 14.6 lbs
TYGA | Header: 3.4*| Can: 2.6**| Total: 6 lbs
Weight reduction: 8.6 lbs!

** does not include mounting clamp or bolt
* includes all hardware – ie: springs, bung plug, manifolds

TYGA Round Aluminum Full Race Exhaust – Under $320!


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What does it sound like?

Want to see higher resolution photos? See the 3rd post down posted by Tyga USA:

Stock exhaust
on dyno:


TYGA Round Aluminum
Race Exhaust:


TYGA exhaust
on dyno:


Want to price other Ninja 250R 08-10 exhaust systems? They’re over $100+ more than TYGA and some don’t seem to perform as well!
Area P, Yoshimura, Leo Vince, Muzzy, Jardine

Did I mention TYGA Exhaust works for FI models? For NON-FI bikes you can plug the O2 sensor hole OR plug a wideband into it!

What’s next?
I’ll be tuning the carbs and do a few more final dyno runs to see if we can’t squeak more HP out of my 250R!

My recommendation:
I highly recommend purchasing an exhaust system from TYGA! High quality, high performance gain and low cost. Pay less but don’t sacrifice quality!

Special thanks to Dave Lanigan @ Speeddealer Motors for the dyno work!

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